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          image with compliments of NOMAD, Vanja Zanko


in partnership with
10.–19. December 2023
Open by appointment
Special event 15.12.2023, 18h
Artist in conversation with Nicole Sheyerer (in German)

We’re excited to present a big project that we’ve been working on for a long period of time - the book launch ‘Stagings’ by the renowned Croatian artist Lovro Artuković @lovroartukovic

Please join us for the book launch in Vienna and/or Zagreb as we celebrate Lovro Artuković’ oeuvre and many years of his notable work.

15 December at 18.00h
at DIT. Vienna @dit_vienna
Schleifmuhlgasse 1, 1040 Vienna
Lovro Artuković in conversation with art critic Nicole Scheyerer @nicolescheyerer
In German language

20 December at 18.00h
at Hrvatski državni arhiv, Velika čitaonica
Marulićev trg 21, 10 000 Zagreb
Lovro Artuković in conversation with curator Leonida Kovač @leonida.kovac
In Croatian language

These events are hosted in partnership with Verlag für moderne Kunst @vfmk_books and thanks to the generous support of private persons, Zagreb Tourist Board @zagrebtourist , Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, Adris Foundation, Gallery Trotoar Zagreb and Cerin Antonić Collection.

More info: @nomad_platform, @vfmk_books_goods/@vanja_zanko_art_advisor
& to buy the book, visit the website of Verlag für moderne Kunst (click).

Time Flies...

for the love of it all

– Kaete

by Family
Open by appointment
Special Advent Punsch 9.12.2023, 12–14h

More info: Blog BeeldendoorKaete

Maria Legat

by Galerie3

Opening: 23.11.2023 19h, the artist is present
Meet the Artist: 30.11.2023 16–19h

24.11.–2.12.2023 Tue–Fr 11–18h, Sat 11–16h

For her last exhibition of the year, Maria Legat has attempted to give testimony to the year. The title piece of the exhibition, a large-format work typical of the artist, is titled "Jahreszeugnis" (Annual Report) and encourages reflection on several levels.

Juggling currently plays a central role in Maria Legat's artistic work. It relates both theoretically and practically to innovations in her work: on the one hand, it is about developments in content, namely the attempt to deal with the apparent responsibility that a constant statement on the state of the world entails. On the other hand, it is about her own liberation as a painter from self-imposed boundaries, such as those between figuration and abstraction, precision and the ephemeral, in order to overcome this enclosure in her work.

Maria Legat now keeps more distance from the narrative to generate volume with abstraction, in which viewers can increasingly contribute their own imagination.
An artistic development that seems to entail an increasing complexity of world events. She juggles different techniques and stylistic devices within the canvas, making the theme of juggling visible to us viewers. We see juggling structures and people, a playful approach to challenges, of which there are many.

Maria Legat, Jahreszeugnis UZLDW LXXVI, 2023, 315 x 248 cm, Kohle & Pigment auf vorgeleimten Leinen
Courtesy Galerie3 & the artist

Mehr; @galerie_3 &

Patrizia Bertassi & Yara-Yvon Bertassi 


Opening: 11.10.2023 18h
Tuesday through Saturday, 12.00–19.00
& by appointment

The artist Patrizia Bertassi and the designer Yara-Yvon Bertassi developed The ART EDITION together in 2022.

In addition to her large works of art, Patrizia Bertassi also creates smaller embroidered patterns in geometric and floral shapes.  Daughter Yara-Yvon Bertassi digitized them and used textile printing processes. The designer then developed simple cut blouses and turned her mother's works of art into wearable fashion.

The artist Patrizia Bertassi uses a variety of symbols in her embroidery. All of her works are created in an open process. The elaborately embroidered works invite you to immerse yourself in another world. Associations and feelings arise, fantasies form. A dialogue between artwork and viewer is established.


©Yara-Yvon Bertassi