Maria Legat

by Galerie3

Opening: 23.11.2023 19h, the artist is present
Meet the Artist: 30.11.2023 16–19h

24.11.–2.12.2023 Tue–Fr 11–18h, Sat 11–16h

For her last exhibition of the year, Maria Legat has attempted to give testimony to the year. The title piece of the exhibition, a large-format work typical of the artist, is titled "Jahreszeugnis" (Annual Report) and encourages reflection on several levels.

Juggling currently plays a central role in Maria Legat's artistic work. It relates both theoretically and practically to innovations in her work: on the one hand, it is about developments in content, namely the attempt to deal with the apparent responsibility that a constant statement on the state of the world entails. On the other hand, it is about her own liberation as a painter from self-imposed boundaries, such as those between figuration and abstraction, precision and the ephemeral, in order to overcome this enclosure in her work.

Maria Legat now keeps more distance from the narrative to generate volume with abstraction, in which viewers can increasingly contribute their own imagination.
An artistic development that seems to entail an increasing complexity of world events. She juggles different techniques and stylistic devices within the canvas, making the theme of juggling visible to us viewers. We see juggling structures and people, a playful approach to challenges, of which there are many.

Maria Legat, Jahreszeugnis UZLDW LXXVI, 2023, 315 x 248 cm, Kohle & Pigment auf vorgeleimten Leinen
Courtesy Galerie3 & the artist

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