Albena — Donauinsel — Ostia—Seestadt—Varna
~ Vasilena Gankovska

by OWG3 ~Salvatore Viviano
Opening: 20.6.2022
Beach-issage: 4.5.2022, 16-20h


Tue-Fri 11-18h, Sat 11-16h & by appointment

The exhibition shows works depicting various places of leisure in different parts of Europe, such as Ostia, Italy, Varna and Albena in Bulgaria and Donauinsel and Seestadt in Vienna. A particular object of interest are the beach cabins, used as bars, showers, but also some improvised camps.

The images are painted in a reduced visual language, but still all the main elements remain visible. The longing for holidays, sunshine and everlasting vacation is the hidden motive behind these scenes.
Thanks & Credits, Martin Reinhard, 2022
DIT. - Vienna
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