Gallery RIMA 

Opening: 21.2.2023 18h
Monday-Saturday 11–20h
& by appointment
Andrea Ivanović Jakšić is a contemporary artist from Serbia whose art practice is connected to nature on intuitive, conceptual and material level. Her most recent works, from 2022/2023, are exhibited for the first time in DIT. Vienna and presented by Gallery RIMA.

Andrea graduated from the Department of painting (Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia) but she never really practiced traditional painting. In terms of art media her works are hybrid art objects, between painting/drawing and sculpture/reliefe. They are intended to be perceptually approached to as paintings - basic support of the work is canvas or paper, and they are ment for traditional wall setting. On the other hand, the nature of Andrea’s object-paintings is extremely non-painterly – their abstract forms are modeled out of organic material produced in artist’s studio (and layered onto the support) and are bursting into tree dimensional space.
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