FUNDRAISING Queer Art Spaces Vienna 2023 -
Francis Ruyter and depaul vera

by Spielzimmer, Michael Kaufmann
Special event: 12.12.2022 18-21h & 12.1.2023 18-21h
and by appointment 

Spielzimmer is pleased to present the FUNDRAISING group show for Queer Art Spaces Vienna 2023
with Asgar/Gabriel, Francis Ruyter and depaul vera, at DIT., Vienna.

Queer Art Spaces Vienna 2023
in cooperation with Queer Museum Vienna
Opening 18.1.2023
19 January - 18 March 2023 @ Kunsthalle Exnergasse - WUK

In the realm of queer identities, simply standing firm, creating the space, and not accepting change in our self-definition is often one of the most political actions we can take in the course of a minute, a day, or a lifetime. Speaking our truth, insisting that people acknowledge our partners, our chosen families, our life path, and our self-definition - this is when art resonates in our daily lives. For some, this is a practice to strengthen and express one's identity, but it can also be a heroic act for those looking for a way to create such a space for themselves.
Queer Art Spaces Vienna 2023 honors the ways in which sharing stories becomes a way to create queer spaces, inside and outside of artistic practice.

More @ Kunsthalle Exnergasse - WUK

Credit 2. © Francis Ruyter Courtesy of the Artist

Credit 3. © Asgar/Gabriel Courtesy of the Artist

Credit 1. & 4. © depaul vera Courtesy Spielzimmer and the Artist
DIT. - Vienna
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