Jasmina Cibic -
Political Decadence

by editions of solidarity & care
In collaboration with the Museum der Moderne Salzburg and Hatje Cantz
Opening: 30.6.2022, 19h
Special event:
30.6.2022, 17h
Tue-Sat 11-18h
and by appointment

The works of the London-based artist and filmmaker Jasmina Cibic (Ljubljana, SIovenia, 1979) engage in a critical examination of nation-building and the mechanisms of soft power. The term soft power describes the indirect exercise of political power by states and actors on other states and societies. Here, culture serves as a fundamental instrument for the self-presentation of national identity and mythology. Cibic decodes these forms of political influence that are exerted on the arts and their originators, and translates them into room-filling installations, performances, and elaborately staged films.

Through archival research, Cibic seeks out artworks, architecture, and music in which political interests and the rhetoric of national power are expressed. In this, she pays particular attention to politically motivated gifts used in cultural diplomacy. She translates her research into immersive artistic manifestations that include photographs, performances, installations, and films.
Jasmina Cibic is an exceptional artist of her generation, who, in confronting the ambivalent complicity of the arts with political utopias and ideologies, demonstrates the utmost sensitivity and historical awareness.

Book launch and artist talk with Jasmina Cibic and curators Hana Ostan Ožbolt and Marijana Schneider, pre-event on 30.6.2022 by invite only.

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Credit: © Jasmina Cibic, Political Decadence, 2022 
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